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B2ST holds successful world tour concert in Singapore

Posted on: Maret 18, 2012

B2ST holds successful world tour concert in Singapore

Mar 05, 2012

Source : enewsWorld (tvN)


B2ST performed in a string of successful concerts in Seoul, Berlin and Shanghai, and most recently it’s managed to take over Singapore.

B2ST entertained its 5,500 member audience on March 3 with the Singapore performance of its world tour concert, Beautiful Show in Singapore. For the two hours and 30 minutes the show took place, B2ST performed in 24 performances from its hits Breath, Shock, Beautiful and Fiction to individual performances and duets.

Despite the hot weather, fans from all across Asia started gathering in front of the venue early in the morning, and stood in a long line to buy merchandise for the Beautiful Show. All 10,000 items in nine categories sold out in just 30 minutes.

In the press conference held before the concert, more than 100 members of the press from local broadcasts and newspapers, and even those from overseas such as the Philippines, Hong Kong and China, fought to cover the concert. Straits Times, the biggest daily newspaper in Singapore, reported on the anticipation fans held toward the concert in a special piece titled ‘The world is waiting for B2ST’.

“We’ve been to Singapore so many times, but we were sorry they were always such short visits. Finally today, we’ve held our first exclusive concert in Singapore. It was a concert full of a passion as hot as the hot weather,” Yoon Du Jun said after the concert.

B2ST plans to continue its successful world tour, Beautiful Show, with concerts in Indonesia and Japan.

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

* Article from enewsWorld (tvN) ( Park, HyunMin
* Translation Credit: Erika Kim

source :

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