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K-pop 101, Lesson 8: “The Boys” in America

Posted on: Maret 31, 2012

I draw sometimes.

Almost a year-and-a-half ago, I wrote what was the third entry of my K-pop lessons–my series of observations on why Korean pop is exploding in popularity around the world. Since that time, K-pop’s momentum has only kept building. One of big weekly music programs in South Korea is Music Bank. Over the last year or so, the program has been doing an increasing number of concerts abroad in front of totally foreign but wildly enthusiastic audiences. It’s something I would not have expected to happen two years ago. At least not that frequently or beyond just Japan or something. But Music Bank has found its way to Australia and France, and several groups under a large entertainment group called SM Entertainment have done huge concerts in New York.

One of those groups that’s traveled to New York–Girls’ Generation–has compelled me to revive this series to add an addendum…

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